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Fuck This Shit

Russian Indoor Athletics Championships

This is all Ronny Raygun’s fault. He started the current conservotard generation.

Ha ha ha ha!!

Seriously. No one. Get over yourself

Texas official blames school shooting on too many exits and entrances

Yeah, that’s it. We need to have one exit and keep it chained. Until there’s a FIRE! I’m sick of retarded comments from politicians who have been programmed by their ideology.

You know you’re from Western New York….

Wilson Farms:

Promo the Robot and Dave Thomas on Rocket Ship 7:

The Blizzard of ’77:

Real chicken wings! No ranch in sight:

Irv Weinstein!

Weber’s Mustard:

Bison French Onion dip:

Al Cohen’s New York Rye:



Meet the Upper Black Rock Historic Preservation District