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In Soviet Russia, Drugs do You!

Run from the bubbles!

What hath Disney wrought?! Part 2

What hath Disney wrought?!

More motorbike merry-go-round antics

This is apparently a common pastime in German speaking nations.

WTF?! Just WTF?! Please let this be some kind of weird conceptual art

And not a real music video from 1965. It hurts. It hurts my brain. The crazy go-go dancing to the mellow tune is totally insane!

Hugh Laurie – Much More than Just House

Hugh Laurie is a goddamn genius!

The polite rap:

The Sophisticated Song:

Too Long Johnny:

I’m In Love with Steffi Graf:

Hugh Laurie interviews Michael Jackson:

Clap Clap Clap!

More Electricity

All I Can Say is Awesome!!