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Russian Indoor Athletics Championships

Aston Martin Lagonda

WTF?! But it’s cool to see a 4-cylinder front drive motorsport.

That’s all I ever drive is little cars.


1968 Howmet TX Turbine on the track

It’s called a blinker!


This is freaking me the hell out!

Just a 45-year-old Ford advertisement, right? But what the hell is that blue thing the little girl is playing with? It’s obviously leaping in the air, as indicated by the shadow. I’ve stared at this all day and can’t make sense of it.

I know someone who likes Formula 1. Enjoy!

Sky Dragons

Sky Dragons

Remember the Romanian Street Racers?

They have a website, too. With more videos, and more hot Romanian girls! Whoo-Hoo!

Romanian Girls Rule!

Romanian Girls Rule!