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Red Meat

A very weird comic strip –

More Animated GIFs

Not for those with siezure disorders

Assorted Videos for your Viewing Pleasure


I don’t know how I missed this one, but hell yeah. Times sure have changed.

Stuff. We has it.



I’m not saying all the facts are correct – check the wiki page for it – but sometimes things just demand an intervention. Three thousand adverts per day? Actually, I’m guessing I’m down to five or ten given that I don’t really watch television or listen to the radio. And then there’s my baby, Adblock Plus. Battle technology with technology! Right now I run it with the “Myspace Junk Filters”, “Rickroll Blacklist”, “Malware Domains”, and “EasyPrivacy+EasyList+EasyElement”. I’m lovin’ it!

Random videos

Thank you HitCoffee!

The Pig Next Door


Oink oink!

Some days I wish I weren’t on a calorie restriction diet.  And that I had a job.  Of course, I think about it a little more and realize that I’d rather be healthy than consume a lot of bacon.

So wrong

Yet soo good.  If the bacon is crispy at least:

Wrong.  Wrong wrong wrong!

Wrong. Wrong wrong wrong!

As described on This is why you’re fat:

Chocolate Bacon Pogo On A Stick

Bacon wrapped in angel food cake, battered and deep fried, dipped in chocolate and served on a stick.

That sounds good enough that I’d actually consider making it a cheat meal.  Seriously.  I think I’d want to consume some very fibrous stuff immediately thereafter I think, but still.

More Human Tetris

Just to make sure the Americans are represented. They use some non-Tetris shapes, but so what.