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This mission ceremoniously marked the end of the Space Race

NASA JSC Electronic Imagery

Nightmare fuel!

The more I look at this picture the creepier it gets! From this website.


Horror Ship!

Don’t forget the human body is like a big penis

Why wide-screen monitors are Evil

Obviously, it’s because Prince William’s head is taller than a scaled-down image of a wide-screen monitor. I can’t believe you didn’t figure this out for yourself!

It's evil because your head won't fit!

Slow Motion Water Droplets

What Birthers Believe

The truth will amaze and shock you!

This is metal!

How much is 14 milligrams of gold or silver worth?

OK, you’ve probably seen a few commemorative coins that are “clad ” in 14 milligrams of pure gold or 14 milligrams of pure silver.  They generally sell for 10 to 30 dollars.  So lets see how much the gold or silver is worth (as of January 2, 2011)

14 mg = 0.0004501 ounces

Price of gold = $1416.20 per ounce

0.0004501 x 1416.20 = 0.63743162

So that’s $0.64 worth of gold.  Sixty-four cents.

Price of silver = $30.91 per ounce

0.0004501 x 30.91 = 0.013912591

So that’s less than 2¢ worth of silver.  Two cents.

Buyer beware!

It’s Alive!

I actually started feeling sorry for it when it slipped on the ice. That’s some amazing programming!