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Russian Indoor Athletics Championships



This is freaking me the hell out!

Just a 45-year-old Ford advertisement, right? But what the hell is that blue thing the little girl is playing with? It’s obviously leaping in the air, as indicated by the shadow. I’ve stared at this all day and can’t make sense of it.

Another video proving that cute children are EVIL!

In Soviet Russia, Drugs do You!

Message is transmitted

Green Volcanoes

You have been warned!

Fools! Jesse Ventura is working for the government!

He even admits in the commercials for his series that he’s been on the inside.  He’s going to “expose”  all these ridiculous conspiracies to distract you from the real secret agenda of the government:  Replacing meat with tofu.

Jesse Ventura, the governments newest distractor.

Jesse Ventura, the governments newest distractor.