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Your tin-foil hat has gone high tech!

The Aulterra Neutralizer is the Only Product that NEUTRALIZES Effects of EMF/RF Exposure!

So get yours now!  For only $30.00 you will receive 3 puffy stickers that will certainly make any paranoid schizophrenic feel at least a little better about the voices and the radio transmitter in the stadium sized cavity in their chests.

Puffy Stickers!  Only $30.00!

Puffy Stickers! Only $30.00!

Why wear that nasty old foil hat anymore?  The voices are laughing at you for wearing it.  Get the Aulterra Neutralizer and the voices might actually stop.

The voices are laughing at your foil hat!

The voices are laughing at your foil hat!

Your brain makes DMT, an hallucinogen.

“in this way waking consciousness can be thought of as a controlled psychedelic experience. It is when the control of these systems becomes loosened and their behavior no longer correlates with the external world that the altered states arise.”

It could explain religious experiences and gods, alien abduction, near death experiences, and other crazy things some people believe they have experinced.

I’ve always felt that life was a trip.  The moral of the story is Don’t do drugs!  Existence is crazy enough by itself.

Seriously, WTF? I mean, I’m, Uh, speechless. WTF?

Is this a caveman they dug up?  Is it a special effects movie creation?  Is it real?  Stick a fork in him, I think he’s done! The grease is staining his shirt.  Who drew the picture of a guitar that’s taped to the wall.  How did the universe allow the things to occur that ended with this photograph?  Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with human beings.

Captain Caveman?

Captain Caveman?

I really have way too much time on my hands lately.  I’ve spent a lot of it surfing the Internet, and I’ve learned something.  There is no limit to the freaky, weird, horrifying things you’ll find.  It can and will always top itself and get worse, somehow.

Commies… I knew it!

LOL.  It’s too bad this thing is falling into disrepair and whatnot.  It looks super cool.

Civil Engineer's Dream

Civil Engineer's Dream

Here’s the post about it. It’s on the Artificial Owl blog, with which I’ll certainly have to keep up!  There’s plenty of other cool stuff on there.  Check it out!

The 70s again – Donny and Marie do Star Wars

Yes, once again I have to blame the acid flashbacks.  That has to be the explanation.  Or, perhaps, this was considered hip at one time.  Nah…

I have a confession – I used to watch the Donny and Marie show when I was a kid.  It brings back fond memories of watching cheesy TV together with my whole family.

Most of all, I just have to say

Disco Stormtroopers Rule!!