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Russian Indoor Athletics Championships

Learn how to smell old!

Comedian Places Hilarious Fake Signs All over Los Angeles

Meat Serves Everybody

It’s not Jackie Chan!

Just the most annoying noise ever.

This is freaking me the hell out!

Just a 45-year-old Ford advertisement, right? But what the hell is that blue thing the little girl is playing with? It’s obviously leaping in the air, as indicated by the shadow. I’ve stared at this all day and can’t make sense of it.

Nippon Kazauwa

How much is 14 milligrams of gold or silver worth?

OK, you’ve probably seen a few commemorative coins that are “clad ” in 14 milligrams of pure gold or 14 milligrams of pure silver.  They generally sell for 10 to 30 dollars.  So lets see how much the gold or silver is worth (as of January 2, 2011)

14 mg = 0.0004501 ounces

Price of gold = $1416.20 per ounce

0.0004501 x 1416.20 = 0.63743162

So that’s $0.64 worth of gold.  Sixty-four cents.

Price of silver = $30.91 per ounce

0.0004501 x 30.91 = 0.013912591

So that’s less than 2¢ worth of silver.  Two cents.

Buyer beware!

You and your Johnson – A way of life for over 50 years


I don’t know how I missed this one, but hell yeah. Times sure have changed.

Stuff. We has it.



I’m not saying all the facts are correct – check the wiki page for it – but sometimes things just demand an intervention. Three thousand adverts per day? Actually, I’m guessing I’m down to five or ten given that I don’t really watch television or listen to the radio. And then there’s my baby, Adblock Plus. Battle technology with technology! Right now I run it with the “Myspace Junk Filters”, “Rickroll Blacklist”, “Malware Domains”, and “EasyPrivacy+EasyList+EasyElement”. I’m lovin’ it!