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More Mysterious Meat in Framingham

Looks like the meat fairies have been busy in Framingham, Mass.  For six weeks someone has been leaving various cuts of meat in the Framingham Town Centre Common.  Nobody knows why.  It’s a mystery!  Perhaps the same Alien Terrorists who left the muffin at my house are leaving the meat. As for a reason, I think it’s obvious.  It’s fun to mess with the humans’  little brains!

Mysterious Meat in Framingham...

Mysterious Meat in Framingham...

Happy Thanksgiving! Turkeys are made of meat! Eat one!

Barbara O. Ehrhart knows a nice piece of meat when she sees it.

Turkey Feather Wedding bride Barbara O. Ehrhart

Turkey Feather Wedding bride Barbara O. Ehrhart

The muffin is gone, as mysteriously as it arrived

It was there this morning.  This evening I looked and it was gone.  Not a trace of it left.  Weird………….

Somebody left a burnt muffin on my back windowsill

Somebody left a burnt muffin on my back windowsill.  Just sitting there.  Whole.  Neatly placed.  Who is messing with me???

I’m somehow terrified of that muffin.  I touched it.  I washed my hands really well afterward.

What does it mean!  It’s weird.  I don’t like it.  I want to call the police and say “Someone put a burnt muffin on my windowsill.”  But they would think I’m insane.


A bird or squirrel brought it and left it there.  But it’s completely intact, and it’s tucked in a corner, not like someone accidentally dropped it.

One of my neighbors put it there.  But why?  To feed the birdies that hang out by my back porch?

It’s laced with anthrax, and a terrorist put it there.  A terrorist muffin.  That’s insane, right?

Got any other ideas how it may have gotten there?

Maybe the aliens left it.  Maybe it’s a wiccan curse.  But who would want to curse me.  With a burnt muffin.  Those are insane ideas also.  Right?

OK, I guess I should not worry about it.  But there’s just no logical reason for it!  I hate unexplainable things!

Stupid muffin!

Healing Yourself Through Sphincter Exercises

Sure why not.  With the economy in the condition it’s in, we’re all probably clenching our sphincters.  I predict an outbreak of healing ahead!

Clench those Sphincters!!!

Clench those Sphincters!!!

Fractals are cool!

Fractals are cool!

Fractals are cool!

Your Uncle knows what you’re doing!

I know you're surfing porn!

Sweet Dreams!

Hope you don’t see this.  There’s a strory behind it, but I lost it, and all that’s left is this picture.  It’s creepier that way, don’t you agree?



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