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Randoms for New Year’s, YAY!

This is probably not really acceptable in the United States.



Yes indeed, obey my dog.

Breakfast anyone?

Breakfast anyone?

No comment.  Really.  We here at SSG wouldn’t want to start any incidents or anything.

Barbie in a Blender!

Barbie is kind of like sex, and plastic is kind of like meat.  If meat was plastic.

Remember to celebrate National Barbie in a Blender day on July 27!

It's protected by the Constitution!

Protected by the Constitution!

ooh, I like fun!

Damnit, the gang leader showed me this weebl & bob and I couldn’t stop thinking about “fun, in bag form” for days.  Which makes it perfect for the random topic of the day sort of entry.

Do you realize that on wikipedia, searching for “funbags” or “fun bags” both redirect to the breast article?  Is that wrong?

Interestingly, searching Google Images for “fun bags” asks “are you looking for funbags” but produces more actual fun than searching for “funbags”.  Other than the usual lewdness, you get the horror genre:



You get your good clean fun:

Those are some fun bags!

Those are some fun bags!

But you don’t get this until you try “funbags”.

Is that a cape?????

Is that a cape?????

Two to one – I think it’s “fun bags” for the win.

Now, if only I could remember the random phrase of the day from two days ago that I was too tipsy to write down (and probably thought I’d remember).  Gah!

raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

Wow.  Just wow.

Wow. Just wow.

Mmmmm.  Slows Bar BQ.

They’re made out of meat.

The next post of hilarity will have to wait until tomorrow since I remembered something that really needed to be re-posted after the blog rebuild.

It all began with this story.  Even more entertaining, however, the screenplay!

They’re Made Out of Meat

You can get full screen mode if you go to the atom page for it.  Sorry, it sucks that doesn’t work with the embed. *sigh*

And now for a few more bacon sightings:

  • xkcd (even though I think it has jumped the shark)
  • Unlikely Words entries tagged bacon.  Man, is this guy good.  Bacon tuxedo?  Gummy bacon?    Baconnaise?  Genius.
  • Bacon scarf.  Got there from the page above but damn this thing is so good.  I want one.  Too bad I remain highly employable at the moment.

Aaand more fun tomorrow kids.

So much better than radar guns!

Yeah!  We need to implement some speed control methods like Denmark.

Meat, meat, meat!

One day I went crazy collecting images for the blog, so after the first few I’m just going to mainline them. Let God sort ’em out!

Darn right you are

Darn right you are

Kung Fu Meat!

Kung Fu Meat!

Oh, how I love bacon

Oh, how I love bacon

It’s really too bad I love my arteries more.

OK, I’m glad that’s over.  Let’s begin the MAD MEAT PICTURE EXPOSITION.

Chocolate covered bacon!

Of course chocolate covered bacon is real!  The (probably) original, from Marini’s:

Do not draw visual similarities

Do not draw visual similarities

Even MSNBC wrote an article about it.

Better? We have recipes.

Hmm, I think I will outsource the manufacture of these delicacies but I plan to procure the Vosges bar before the next SSG crew meetup.  This must be tried before death.  Procurement shall proceed ASAFP.

Holy Crap!! Chocolate Covered Bacon is REAL!

Oh man oh man oh man!!  I gotta get my hands on this stuff!  Then I’ll be able to die happy.

Chocolate + Bacon = Yummy!

Chocolate + Bacon = Yummy!

Push Button, Receive Bacon

At 76,400 hits on Google, we just had to mention this meat-related phenomenon.

Push button, receive bacon?

We’ve all seen this before, and I know I never questioned it, but evidently many have.  Either that or it just grew from one clever guy.  Even the top content-containing hit on Google, from which I gaffled it, doesn’t know if he started it.  And I’m still trying to find the punk band he mentions!

And there’s so much more fun to be had.  Youtube weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Then there’s the animated picture and the wallpaper.  And since Americans love their stuff, you can get a cool shirt or a bunch of other crap at the cafepress store.  Mmm… PBRB thong.