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What if the cartoon was actually funny?

Money City Maniacs

And the joke is, when he awoke his

body was covered in Coke fizz

Back when we first met There was a storm off Chebucto Head

Sloan is my Favorite Band.  No doubt.

Chebucto Head

Chebucto Head

Let’s Eat Meat at Weebl’s Stuff!

If you’re familiar with Weebl and Bob (and you should be!) you may know that Weebl also hosts other non-Weeble and Bob videos.  This one is about meat!  Click on the image or the link to watch the cartoon.

Hey Let's Eat Meat, Yeah!

Hey Let's Eat Meat Yeah!

My little buddy, Stabby McStabbersons.

He’s like a St. Christopher medal.  For stupid people.

Stabby McStabbersons

Stabby McStabbersons

As long as we’re on the subject of cars from East Germany – Trabant!!

The saddest little, underpowered, over-polluting car ever.  But so CUTE!!

Introduced in 1957, the car was named Trabant in honor of the Sputnik sattellite.  Trabant means “fellow traveler” in latin, which is the latin way to say “Sattellite.”  They have become a cultural icon.  They are affectionately known as “Trabbi.”

A Trabbi.

A Trabbi.

A Trabant Fire Brigade car

A Trabant Fire Brigade car

A crazy Trabbi stretch limo!

A crazy Trabbi stretch limo!

Trabbis hanging in the Rock ad Roll hall of fame.  They were used by U2 at concerts.

Trabbis hanging in the Rock and Roll hall of fame. They were used by U2 at concerts.

Wouldn’t you rather drive a Wartburg?

Wartburgs had a three-cylinder two-stroke engine with only seven moving parts.  They were made in East Germany.  Can you imagine the thick, blue smoke in the streets?

A Sporty Wartbug!

What a Sporty Wartbug!

Frostie’s Wartburg Page

God I Love Cupcakes.

God I Love Cupcakes

God I Love Cupcakes

Found a very cool website full of cool sketches and other things:

Go check it out!

Here’s more from the same artist, Ian Padgham.  A cool animation of a picture being made: