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step away from the camera

Strange story.

When will people learn that there’s no need to photo-and-video document every. little. bit. of. life.  Store the memories in your heads, for god’s sake!  Those scrapbooks are going to end up in a dusty attic somewhere, but that’s only before they end up in some landfill.  Or the Internet archive.

Ozone hole?

Hmm, evidently we did save it.  Who knew?  Now, to all those who say that human activities are too small scale to possibly have be the main cause of global warming, I say – see?  There are more than enough of us here to screw everything up.  May we live long and die out!

Cool slideshow!

Modern furniture junkie that I am, I really appreciate this treehugger slideshow.  Sure, most of it is ridiculously impractical if not downright dangerous, but if we have not dreams then we have nothing.

Edit: And another even more awesome!  Exploding objects!

How cool is that?

How cool is that?

Bacon. Jew.

That’s right.  I can’t not post that.  BaconJew!



Where do I sign up?  Oh wait.  I’m not much of a joiner.

EDIT: damn, he went to a bourbon & bacon expo.  And it appears there was a healthy smattering of Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage, my (current) favourite bourbon.

EDIT 2: found a video here.  Can’t help but embed:

The Feedbag Goes to the Bacon and Bourbon Expo from The Feedbag on Vimeo.


GF w/ice cream maker + Maker’s + bacon = “Maker’s Mark ice cream with a maple caramel swirl and bits of candied bacon”.  Found it here.  Gotta love the buttons like “bacon – the gateway meat”.  And, since I’ve been to a chocolate party before, I may just have to hold a BaconCamp-inspired bacon party.  Nom nom nom.

A bit more crisp, plskthx

Bit more crisp, plskthx

Crafts, now with more bacon!

…and just when I thought “craft” was synonymous with “crap”, I find the bacon bookmark.  Which leads to searching Etsy for “bacon”:

.. and then some fun non-bacon-related items:

Hmmm.  Perhaps I know what’s for breakfast.

Random crap of the day (NSFW)

Hot Girls in Bikinis Have Slow Motion Ice Cream Fight – Watch more Funny Videos

I think I may become anti-Google. They’re irritating me.

It’s not bad enough that I can find no way to remove the annoying sponsored ads that appear above the inbox, but now they are serving me ads from websites that have been out of existence since 2007!

Smock-special Labour Suitwww.shjinmao.comSales for the smock and special labour professionally articles

Yeah, don’t click on the link.  The website doesn’t exist.  I rarely click on the sponsored links, but this one attracted me because of the wonderful Engrish in the ad.  “Sales for the smock and special labour professionally articles.”  What does it mean?!?!?!

And in today’s news…

Bullets?  Man, it’s getting like Powerpoint in here.