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Random crap of the day

Copy. Paste. Confuse!

OK, I have to say I LOVE my Gmail, but I hate the fact that Google is basically cataloging your emails and mining data from them, in order to attack you with targeted advertising, now and in the future.  What I propose is to offer Google a little help, by giving them plenty of data to mine.  Make it a habit of sending emails to yourself, and between each other, full of unconnected words and phrases that have nothing to do with you whatsoever.  It’s like the nonsense emails the spammers use, except we’re using it to unspam ourselves from Google.  If all Gmail users sent one large, random email a day, Google’s data will soon become less and less useful, and less valuable.  Lets do it.  Spread the word!

To make it easier to do, here are some sites i’ve found where you can copy lots of random stuff to paste into your emails:

Rememeber: Copy. Paste. Confuse!

Curious statistic of the day

According to Wikipedia, “1 person dies every second as a result of hunger – 4000 every hour – 100 000 each day – 36 million each year – 58 % of all deaths (2001-2004 estimates).”  That’s rather disappointing, especially when it also says that enough food is manufactured worldwide to feed twice the population (twice 6 billion = 12 billion).  Check it out.

Hells yeah!

EepyBird’s Sticky Note experiment from Eepybird on Vimeo.

Happened upon this from here.  That fire pit thing looks so awesome too!

Oh, the coolness

Watch it.  There isn’t much to say, just watch it.  What an awesome idea.

Bacon without the hassle

Don’t ask where I found this one.

Everything ... bacon ... ???

Everything ... bacon ... ???

Baconnaise?  Yeah.  Seriously.  This might make me want to start packing lunches again, even if I don’t have to leave home.

Commies… I knew it!

LOL.  It’s too bad this thing is falling into disrepair and whatnot.  It looks super cool.

Civil Engineer's Dream

Civil Engineer's Dream

Here’s the post about it. It’s on the Artificial Owl blog, with which I’ll certainly have to keep up!  There’s plenty of other cool stuff on there.  Check it out!

Hello, Kitty!

Wow.  It seems there’s an awful lot going on in the Hello Kitty world on which I have been missing out.

Tickets to the gun show

This one is fake.

This one is fake.

I really don’t feel like writing much about it, so I’m just going to post a buttload of links.

Enjoy, people, enjoy. 🙂

Educate yourself!

That’s right, educate yourself.  Free coursework from UCB, MIT, Yale …. what do you want to learn today??  Note to self, maybe the Internet isn’t _just_ for porn….

-EDIT- Ooo, more!

Bacon Lasagna

Oh yeah.

Oh yeah.

Mmm, thanks to “It’s all about the bacon” for pointing the way to bacon lasagna.  That looks kinda luscious.