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Saudi Arabia’s human rights record is pathetic

Tell me again why we don’t impose economic sanctions?  Oh, right.  Oil.

Now the “clerics” are saying women shouldn’t exercise, because it could cause them to “lose their virginity.” Wack jobs!  Freaks!

Preserving the Union Old School

cks Old School

Abe Rocks Old School

I had one a lot like that.

Don’t mess with JSB

Okay, this is hilarious but don’t freakin’ mess with Johann.  It’s all about the Bach, baby.

So the Sinister Cow Farmer and Little Bo Peep have captured several Buzz Lightyears…

…and are making them run the treadmill gauntlet to reach the giant soft calculator. But if they fall, it’s in the ice water bath! Or something like that.

Alternative Fuel Vehicle

I’m sure those engines will burn pretty much any combustible liquid.  That’s good for the environment, right?

Backyard Jets!

Those Aussies are crazier than Americans!

Yes, in fact, I do

I do like the Pet Shop Boys.  Yes, I was born in the early 70s.  Yes, I grew up in the home of techno.  Keep off my back about it.

Anyway, you can watch their vids in HD on youtube!  Totally awesome!

Sin tends to rock. No you freaks, I’m not talking about opposite over hypotenuse.

Fun break vids

Sneezing In Ultra Slow Motion – Watch more Funny Videos

Kitten Attempts Epic Jump – Watch more Crazy Pet Tricks

And then there are the ones that I won’t embed:

  • Aria Giovanni.  She’s nommable, but acts stupid.
  • Lotion.  I’ll no longer complain about womens’ propensity for it.  Oh, and isn’t that shelving thing cool?  The whole place looks like a cool pad.
  • Overall boring vid.  But it has its moments.

Bacon Lance

Tuscan Torch!

Tuscan Torch!

Someone pointed me at this this story on popsci.  He actually calls prosciutto an “engineering grade of bacon”!

It seems to me that using thin pieces to create massive amounts of surface area for combustion is the right way to go. Mythbusters didn’t do so in the episodes that I saw – but then again I missed it when they actually got 800+ lbs of thrust from the salami rocket.

“Real” Langostino Lobster

Listen, folks, it has nothing to do with Lobster, except they’re both crustaceans.  They are sometimes called squat lobsters, but are more closely related to hermit crabs than true lobsters.  So don’t go thinking you’re getting anything even close to Main lobster when you buy “real” Langostino lobster.  But, like I always say, if it tastes good, eat it!

Longostino "Lobster"

Longostino Lobster

Langostino 2

Langostino 2