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Bitchin’ ’bout Commercials – Nationwide Claims App.

You can’t exchange insurance information with a tree!   AARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHH!!!!


Neuro-mart … for the next time you need 6.6 lbs of gummy brains.  The DNA earrings are pretty cool too, but they have some weird PHP thing so you can’t link in… bah!  BAD web designer!  BAD!

Random fun stuff, and some updates

I’ve been playing at the Bubble Tea home game a bit lately, and happened upon the information that a ship almost sank due to its sides being pushed out by the 1500 tons of tapioca it was carrying.  Really!  It’s on snopes!

Also, more stuff on the retouching front.  Check out Girl Power, a list of more photo retouching examples, and Brian Dilg Photography.  Check out Anthony Michael Hall!  Also, can’t get off this topic without including Dove – Evolution:

I also love the whole page, but especially the table at this part of the VHEMT pages.  May we live long and die out!

Your brain makes DMT, an hallucinogen.

“in this way waking consciousness can be thought of as a controlled psychedelic experience. It is when the control of these systems becomes loosened and their behavior no longer correlates with the external world that the altered states arise.”

It could explain religious experiences and gods, alien abduction, near death experiences, and other crazy things some people believe they have experinced.

I’ve always felt that life was a trip.  The moral of the story is Don’t do drugs!  Existence is crazy enough by itself.

Can Japan be even a fraction as much fun as it looks on the Internet?

If it is, I think I want to go there.

Bacon Bra. No comment needed.

Although I can’t decide if this is hot, or completely gross.
Bacon Bra

Bacon Bra

Bitchin’ ’bout Commercials: Die, Comcast! Die, die, die!!!!!

These commercials make me want to stick an icepick in my ears and claw out my eyes.  I want to beat the monotone chanters with a blunt object until they SHUT UP!  They are the absolute most annoying commercials on TV.  And I pay Comcast way too much a month for my services already.  The least they could do is spare me the pain and horror of seeing these over and over.

Watch if you dare:

If you want to dress in suits, just go all the way!

Get a Zoot Suit.  Be formal, and hip, and subversive all at once.

Contemporary Zoot Suits

Contemporary Zoot Suits

Old School Zoot Suit

Old School Zoot Suit

Wolf in Zoot Suit

Wolf in Zoot Suit

At least get one of the hats

Get one of the hats

Manliness includes learning

Since I engaged in the suit-buying adventure recently, I was reading up on sartorial information.  In doing so, I found The Art of Manliness – and I think I dig these people.

Yes, we're men.  Men is what we are.

Yes, we're men. Men is what we are.

It looks like they’ve been reading up on many things we’ve posted around here, too.  Since most of us are unemployed, might as well Become a Renaissance Man Without Spending a Dime.

I’m feeling particularly satisfied with my English degree today.

OK, as many of my freinds know, I have always been interested in word origins.  Now my interest has been reignited by Marina Orlova, AKA HotForWords, a philologist and English teacher.  Be still, my beating heart!