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More Human Tetris

Just to make sure the Americans are represented. They use some non-Tetris shapes, but so what.

Human Tetris

Yes, we have too much leisure time in Western Society:

Meat baby!

Straight from This is why you’re fat.  I don’t necessarily agree that this is fattening, though, taken in reasonable portions and depending on the fattiness of the ground beef as well as the sides.

Check out that diaper!!!

Check out that diaper!!!

It’s always 420 somewhere in the world

Is it sad that I consider this a pretty good joke?  Should he have been competing for the cash and prizes?  And it’s not as though I’ve seen whoever hosts it now, but wouldn’t The Price is Right be weird without Bob Barker?

Octoberfest is for cleavage!

Octoberfest is for cleavage!




Just when you thought you’d seen every bacon product…

Bacon Soap shows up!  I can’t decide whether it would be good or bad to smell like bacon all day.

Bacon Soap

Bacon Soap

More Meat Tattoos!

Some people are crazy enough to tattoo meat on their skin.  Well, whatever floats your boat.  Courtesy of Ugliest tattoo.

Meat Tramp Stamp

Meat Tramp Stamp

WTF indeed

From Picture is Unrelated comes this disturbing piece of video.

Animals with Light Sabers!

Why  not?

Animals with Light Sabers

Animals with Light Sabers

Meat Porn!

From the ver cool web comic Sinfest.