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Soviet interrogation technique declassified!

“Tell us what we want to know! Comrade LaLaLa has a huge repertoire!”

Happy George Washington’s Birthday!

Fun With Science and Persepetive!

These are really cool!

More Animated GIFs

Suddenly Chávez!

Glamour!  Excitement!  Current Events!  Home Decor!  Mickey Mouse! And now, the  dictator we all love so we aren’t executed, Hugo Chávez!

That’s right.  There’s a new radio show in Venezuela – Suddenly Chávez!  And it can come on at any time of the day or night without warning.  Yeesh.  It’s bad enough he’s a despot, but couldn’t he just let the people suffer in silence?

Not for those with siezure disorders

Wholesome old-fashioned family values

Wholesome old-fashioned family values

He’s hit it dead on. It’s all exactly the same!

Charlie Brooker – How To Report The News