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Another video proving that cute children are EVIL!

I Love You!

What does it mean?

YouTube – for finding stuff you never knew you wanted to watch

Tea Party = Violence and Death

They want us to know they’re armed, and they want us to be afraid.  Don’t let them scare you.  They don’t scare me.  I intend to continue to live free and enjoy my freedom of peaceful assembly.  You can kill me once but you won’t make me afraid in the meantime.


Don't let these people scare you

How much is 14 milligrams of gold or silver worth?

OK, you’ve probably seen a few commemorative coins that are “clad ” in 14 milligrams of pure gold or 14 milligrams of pure silver.  They generally sell for 10 to 30 dollars.  So lets see how much the gold or silver is worth (as of January 2, 2011)

14 mg = 0.0004501 ounces

Price of gold = $1416.20 per ounce

0.0004501 x 1416.20 = 0.63743162

So that’s $0.64 worth of gold.  Sixty-four cents.

Price of silver = $30.91 per ounce

0.0004501 x 30.91 = 0.013912591

So that’s less than 2¢ worth of silver.  Two cents.

Buyer beware!