We're made of meat!


Cool site!

I saw exactitudes mentioned somewhere, and checked it out.  What a cool idea!  I could spend all day refreshing the random group page.

Interestingly, I found more attractive women in bimbos than in chickies or even the bikini-wearing babes.  That probably makes me a bad person, and as such I’m not posting my favourites.  I will note that this girl has got some serious derring-do, though.  I admire that in a person.  Speaking of which, evidently it got to be “derring-do” rather than “daring-do” through some errors in the Oxford (at least if we can believe “brians” – and evidently he wrote the book).  *sigh*  I guess I fit best into “Chefs de Confort Moderne”.  Blast our mass-production, mass-marketing, mass-everything society!  Even if life would kind of suck without it.  *sigh*

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