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Best. Site. Ever.

For me to poop on!

God Like Productions

Then again, you want yer conspiracy?  You got it!

One Response to “Best. Site. Ever.”

  1. August 6th, 2009 at 9:32 pm

    Gang Leader says:

    Well, poorly informed paranoid schizophrenic people need a place to discuss things, too.

    The Internet has truly democratized society. People who would have been kept in an asylum and medicated 50 years ago can now share their paranoid delusions with the world, and find others who will actually justify and support those delusions.

    That’s right, suckas! I’m all for psychiatrists and psychologists and medication. I like having fluoride in my water. I voted for Obama! I think everyone should buy a fuel efficient vehicle. From Japan! I believe in global warming. I think motorcycles should be required to meet the same safety regulations as automobiles. I can tell you with total confidence that UFOs, Bigfoot, The Illuminati, ghosts, and all other so-called supernatural phenomenon are bunk. That includes gods and supreme beings. It’s all in your little pointed heads!

    I’m educated. I vote. There are millions of others like me. Bwah-hah-hah! What are you gonna do about it?!