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Well Balanced

The gun, not the meal.

Then for dinner, with some Wild Turkey:

All Bow Down Before Your Bacon Overlords!

Meaty Christmas!

Just a few days late.

The Pig Next Door


Oink oink!

Some days I wish I weren’t on a calorie restriction diet.  And that I had a job.  Of course, I think about it a little more and realize that I’d rather be healthy than consume a lot of bacon.

Meat baby!

Straight from This is why you’re fat.  I don’t necessarily agree that this is fattening, though, taken in reasonable portions and depending on the fattiness of the ground beef as well as the sides.

Check out that diaper!!!

Check out that diaper!!!

Just when you thought you’d seen every bacon product…

Bacon Soap shows up!  I can’t decide whether it would be good or bad to smell like bacon all day.

Bacon Soap

Bacon Soap

Mind blower? Artery blower at least

Ever have that feeling that you just belong? Yeah, I know, neither have I. But this product definitely just belongs here.

Gross-looking fat, but hey!  It's bacon!

Gross-looking fat, but hey! It's bacon!

While researching jerky-making, I happened upon bacon jerky.  Yes, bacon-frigging-jerky. Whatever that means. Since I don’t really like to eat animal fat (unless it’s rendered crispy, mmmmm), I don’t think I’d like this. But you know what? It’s bacon, and in the end it really is all about the pig.

Bacon Bra. No comment needed.

Although I can’t decide if this is hot, or completely gross.
Bacon Bra

Bacon Bra

Woman eats five pounds of bacon, husband calls cops

Bacon eating wife

Bacon eating wife

Bacon Lance

Tuscan Torch!

Tuscan Torch!

Someone pointed me at this this story on popsci.  He actually calls prosciutto an “engineering grade of bacon”!

It seems to me that using thin pieces to create massive amounts of surface area for combustion is the right way to go. Mythbusters didn’t do so in the episodes that I saw – but then again I missed it when they actually got 800+ lbs of thrust from the salami rocket.