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Another cruel April Fools Day prank!

How can people taunt us with such yummy goodness that doesn’t actually exist.


Squeez Bacon®

Squeez Bacon

Squeez Bacon

Diesel Sweeties and Bacon. And cats…

Today Diesel Sweeties commented on the Internet obsession with Bacon.  Had to include it here, or course.

Diesel Sweeties 2009-04-09

Diesel Sweeties 2009-04-09

Of course, Diesel Sweeties proudly contributes to the Bacon obsession with this design, available on shirts, bags and aprons.

Bacon is a vegetable

Bacon is a vegetable

Baconlube – bacon flavored personal lubricant

Can’t decide whether bacon or sex is better? Well now you don’t have to! Those crazy folks at Bacon Salt have released their newest product.



Bacon. Jew.

That’s right.  I can’t not post that.  BaconJew!



Where do I sign up?  Oh wait.  I’m not much of a joiner.

EDIT: damn, he went to a bourbon & bacon expo.  And it appears there was a healthy smattering of Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage, my (current) favourite bourbon.

EDIT 2: found a video here.  Can’t help but embed:

The Feedbag Goes to the Bacon and Bourbon Expo from The Feedbag on Vimeo.


GF w/ice cream maker + Maker’s + bacon = “Maker’s Mark ice cream with a maple caramel swirl and bits of candied bacon”.  Found it here.  Gotta love the buttons like “bacon – the gateway meat”.  And, since I’ve been to a chocolate party before, I may just have to hold a BaconCamp-inspired bacon party.  Nom nom nom.

A bit more crisp, plskthx

Bit more crisp, plskthx

Crafts, now with more bacon!

…and just when I thought “craft” was synonymous with “crap”, I find the bacon bookmark.  Which leads to searching Etsy for “bacon”:

.. and then some fun non-bacon-related items:

Hmmm.  Perhaps I know what’s for breakfast.

Bacon without the hassle

Don’t ask where I found this one.

Everything ... bacon ... ???

Everything ... bacon ... ???

Baconnaise?  Yeah.  Seriously.  This might make me want to start packing lunches again, even if I don’t have to leave home.

Bacon Lasagna

Oh yeah.

Oh yeah.

Mmm, thanks to “It’s all about the bacon” for pointing the way to bacon lasagna.  That looks kinda luscious.


More crisp would be better.

One for all the bacon lovers… bacolicioTry it with our page!

Let’s Eat Meat at Weebl’s Stuff!

If you’re familiar with Weebl and Bob (and you should be!) you may know that Weebl also hosts other non-Weeble and Bob videos.  This one is about meat!  Click on the image or the link to watch the cartoon.

Hey Let's Eat Meat, Yeah!

Hey Let's Eat Meat Yeah!