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WTF indeed

From Picture is Unrelated comes this disturbing piece of video.

Your tin-foil hat has gone high tech!

The Aulterra Neutralizer is the Only Product that NEUTRALIZES Effects of EMF/RF Exposure!

So get yours now!  For only $30.00 you will receive 3 puffy stickers that will certainly make any paranoid schizophrenic feel at least a little better about the voices and the radio transmitter in the stadium sized cavity in their chests.

Puffy Stickers!  Only $30.00!

Puffy Stickers! Only $30.00!

Why wear that nasty old foil hat anymore?  The voices are laughing at you for wearing it.  Get the Aulterra Neutralizer and the voices might actually stop.

The voices are laughing at your foil hat!

The voices are laughing at your foil hat!

Can Japan be even a fraction as much fun as it looks on the Internet?

If it is, I think I want to go there.