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Jozin z bazin – Jozin from the Bog

You have to watch the whole thing or you’ll miss the guy with the sheet of glass!

English Lyrics from Wikipedia:

I’m driving Skoda 100 to camp here on Orawa.
That’s why I’m hurrying, taking a risk – going through Morawa.
The monster lives there comes out of the bog.
Eats mostly Prague citizens, its name is Jozin.


Jozin from the bog creeps through swamp,
Jozin from the bog closes on the village.
Jozin from the bog edges it’s teeth,
Jozin from the bog bites, strangles.
To defend against Jozin from the bog, who could imagine-
Only works an aircraft to crop-dusting.

I was driving through the village on road to Visowice
The village mayor greeted me, said to me during drinking slivovits
The one who will bring Jozin dead or alive
I’m giving him my daughter as a wife and a half of National Agrarian Farm


I said: give me a aircraft and powder, mayor,
I’ll bring you Jozin, I see no trouble about that
Mayor helped me, in the morning I went up in the sky
The powder from the aircraft prettily fell on Jozin.

Jozin from the bog is already on white powder
Jozin from the bog is escaping from swamp
Jozin from the bog hit the stone
Jozin from the bog it is the end of him
I caught him, I’m keeping him
Money is money, I’ll sell him to Zoo