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I think I may become anti-Google. They’re irritating me.

It’s not bad enough that I can find no way to remove the annoying sponsored ads that appear above the inbox, but now they are serving me ads from websites that have been out of existence since 2007!

Smock-special Labour Suitwww.shjinmao.comSales for the smock and special labour professionally articles

Yeah, don’t click on the link.  The website doesn’t exist.  I rarely click on the sponsored links, but this one attracted me because of the wonderful Engrish in the ad.  “Sales for the smock and special labour professionally articles.”  What does it mean?!?!?!

Copy. Paste. Confuse!

OK, I have to say I LOVE my Gmail, but I hate the fact that Google is basically cataloging your emails and mining data from them, in order to attack you with targeted advertising, now and in the future.  What I propose is to offer Google a little help, by giving them plenty of data to mine.  Make it a habit of sending emails to yourself, and between each other, full of unconnected words and phrases that have nothing to do with you whatsoever.  It’s like the nonsense emails the spammers use, except we’re using it to unspam ourselves from Google.  If all Gmail users sent one large, random email a day, Google’s data will soon become less and less useful, and less valuable.  Lets do it.  Spread the word!

To make it easier to do, here are some sites i’ve found where you can copy lots of random stuff to paste into your emails:

Rememeber: Copy. Paste. Confuse!