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They’re made out of meat.

The next post of hilarity will have to wait until tomorrow since I remembered something that really needed to be re-posted after the blog rebuild.

It all began with this story.  Even more entertaining, however, the screenplay!

They’re Made Out of Meat

You can get full screen mode if you go to the atom page for it.  Sorry, it sucks that doesn’t work with the embed. *sigh*

And now for a few more bacon sightings:

  • xkcd (even though I think it has jumped the shark)
  • Unlikely Words entries tagged bacon.  Man, is this guy good.  Bacon tuxedo?  Gummy bacon?    Baconnaise?  Genius.
  • Bacon scarf.  Got there from the page above but damn this thing is so good.  I want one.  Too bad I remain highly employable at the moment.

Aaand more fun tomorrow kids.