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Bad Sci-Fi

So much bad Science Fiction from the 50s. What are we making today that will be looked upon with this degree of ridicule?

There are so many of them!

So wrong

Yet soo good.  If the bacon is crispy at least:

Wrong.  Wrong wrong wrong!

Wrong. Wrong wrong wrong!

As described on This is why you’re fat:

Chocolate Bacon Pogo On A Stick

Bacon wrapped in angel food cake, battered and deep fried, dipped in chocolate and served on a stick.

That sounds good enough that I’d actually consider making it a cheat meal.  Seriously.  I think I’d want to consume some very fibrous stuff immediately thereafter I think, but still.

Thee winner, and still Champeen!

Biological weapons are nice and all, but they’re so slow and leave a percentage uninfected. Take enriched lithium-6 deuteride with a uranium tamper and set it off with a fusion boosted primary and you can really take care of business. Nice and clean. Most of the bodies and wreckage just disappear.

Castle Bravo, the unexpectedly largest weapon ever detonated by the US.  15 megatons.  Like one thousand Hiroshima bombs set off at once.

Swine flu? Been there, done that.

So somehow I wound up reading about entomological warfare recently. I think I actually got there backward, from the United Sates biological weapons program, but I can’t recall if I came in from some other site to swine brucellosis or the M33 cluster bomb. Either way, it’s  perhaps semi-comforting to know that ‘murca was always on top of the homicide thing, as usual.  Let’s face it, what more constant thing do we have than Americans loving to kill?  America!  Fuck yeah! Maybe I need another new nickname… hey gang leader, how do you think Joe works for me? *g*

Awww yeah, bring it.

Awww yeah, bring it.

Strange things I learned today

OK, maybe this is well-known to most people, but I had no idea.

Did you know that Mariska Hargitay, of Law and Order SVU fame:

Mariska Hargitay

Mariska Hargitay

Was in the back seat of this car:

Mansfield Crash

Mansfield Crash

When it crashed into the back of a tractor trailer, tragically killing Mariska’s mother, Jayne Mansfield, Sam Brody and Ronnie Harrison:

Jayne Mansfield

Jayne Mansfield

I of course knew about the circumstances of Jayne Mansfield’s death, but I had no idea whatsoever that Mariska Hargitay was her daughter, and that she was actually injured in the accident.

I’m a big fan of SVU, and I’ve always liked Ms. Hargitay’s character, and I’ve just been doing some reading about her, and found out that she is the founder of the Joyful Heart Foundation, whose mission is to heal, educate and empower survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse and to shed light into the darkness that surrounds these issues.  Bravo!

Jayne Mansfield spoke five languages, and was a classically trained pianist and violinist.  Sad that all our culture remembers is her boobs and her death.

Another Fireworks Explosion

This one is the Enschede fireworks explosion. This was filmed from a very close vantage point, and I am left to wonder if the cameraman survived the last explosion without being injured.

Head in the Oven

Well, I was looking for Sylvia Plathe, and found this.

step away from the camera

Strange story.

When will people learn that there’s no need to photo-and-video document every. little. bit. of. life.  Store the memories in your heads, for god’s sake!  Those scrapbooks are going to end up in a dusty attic somewhere, but that’s only before they end up in some landfill.  Or the Internet archive.

Ozone hole?

Hmm, evidently we did save it.  Who knew?  Now, to all those who say that human activities are too small scale to possibly have be the main cause of global warming, I say – see?  There are more than enough of us here to screw everything up.  May we live long and die out!


GF w/ice cream maker + Maker’s + bacon = “Maker’s Mark ice cream with a maple caramel swirl and bits of candied bacon”.  Found it here.  Gotta love the buttons like “bacon – the gateway meat”.  And, since I’ve been to a chocolate party before, I may just have to hold a BaconCamp-inspired bacon party.  Nom nom nom.

A bit more crisp, plskthx

Bit more crisp, plskthx