Don’t fall for this bullshit!

Don’t fall for this crap. They talk about the price of gold, like this is a gold coin. It has 14 milligrams of gold plating. That’s 0.014 grams. Today’s gold price is $69 per gram, That means there’s a whopping 97¢ worth of gold there. They’re selling it for $9.95, 10 times more than the gold is worth. These coins will never be worth more, or as much as, you paid. They’re worth a buck, although due to the effort needed to recover the minuscule amount of gold in them, nobody would pay you a dollar. You’ll end up with a $10 trinket that nobody sensible wants. Fortunately they stamp “COPY” on the obverse, so it’s harder for it to be passed off as real to unwitting victims. If they were honest and said this is a copy, and didn’t include the price of gold, and the value of the genuine coins, it would be OK. But they’re bullshitting people into thinking this is something worth buying as an investment. Avoid National Collector’s Mint at all costs. They’re a scam operation. Find a reputable bullion dealer instead.