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ooh, I like fun!

Damnit, the gang leader showed me this weebl & bob and I couldn’t stop thinking about “fun, in bag form” for days.  Which makes it perfect for the random topic of the day sort of entry.

Do you realize that on wikipedia, searching for “funbags” or “fun bags” both redirect to the breast article?  Is that wrong?

Interestingly, searching Google Images for “fun bags” asks “are you looking for funbags” but produces more actual fun than searching for “funbags”.  Other than the usual lewdness, you get the horror genre:



You get your good clean fun:

Those are some fun bags!

Those are some fun bags!

But you don’t get this until you try “funbags”.

Is that a cape?????

Is that a cape?????

Two to one – I think it’s “fun bags” for the win.

Now, if only I could remember the random phrase of the day from two days ago that I was too tipsy to write down (and probably thought I’d remember).  Gah!

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