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I’m feeling particularly satisfied with my English degree today.

OK, as many of my freinds know, I have always been interested in word origins.  Now my interest has been reignited by Marina Orlova, AKA HotForWords, a philologist and English teacher.  Be still, my beating heart!

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One Response to “I’m feeling particularly satisfied with my English degree today.”

  1. June 7th, 2009 at 8:36 pm

    laackey says:

    Oh goodness. I watched a HotForWords or two and decided that it was more about the hot chick than about the words. She doesn’t necessarily come off as “intelligent” to me, so I have my issues even sitting through the two minute video to get to the word meaning. She seems very scripted, and I wonder how much of it she writes and how much others write.

    I also think I might find her more beautiful without the fakies.

    Of course, I’d still like to hit it.